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Flower Grower, Florist and Curator

I guess you could say I am a "Late Bloomer"

My interest in flower farming and design started one day when my sister shared with me the instagram information for a flower farmer that I might be interested in following.  Erin and her team from Floret have inspired and continue to inspire thousands of us to revel in flowers. She hooked me with her generous nature, sharing as much as she can with all of us.   I am a 2018 alumni of the Floret Online Workshop which I highly recommend as a flower lover or any type of entrepreneur!


While we search for our perfect farm, I am working on improving my growing and design skills and my husband is searching for the perfect blue tractor for me. We have met a lovely family in Skagit Valley and we will be growing flowers for sale on their land again in 2022 season.  We look forward to gathering your cut flower subscription or designing an arrangement for your special occasion.

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The Garden

The flowers are grown on a small leased plot in Skagit "Flower Country" and two-thirds of an acre in Snohomish County.  We grow chemical free. We are especially focused on strong soil to ensure you get the best flowers to enjoy!


Floret Farmer Florist Collective

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